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A flat area, typically lying between a desert and an ocean or salt lake, whose surface is characterized by efflorescences of salt, gypsum, and calcium carbonate as well as windblown sediments and often tidal deposits.

[Arabic sabaḫa, sabḫa, salt marsh, sabkha, sabiḫa, to rest; see šbḫ in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈsæbxə; -kə) or




(ˈsæbxət; -kət)
(Geological Science) a flat coastal plain with a salt crust, common in Arabia
[C19: from Arabic]
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Abra timing during the holiday will be as follows: Traditional Abra will operate at Dubai Creek Stations, (Fahidi to Sabkha, Dubai Old Souq to Baniyas, and Baniyas to Al Seef) will be operating from 10am to 1am (of the following day).
Sabkha Station will be in service from 6.15am to 1.30am; Deira City Centre Station will operate from 5.35am to 11.30pm; Karama Station's bus service will run from 7am to 10.23pm; and Stadium Station will be open from 5.55am to 10.15pm.
"Campaigns launched covered several marine transport spots such as Jebel Ali, Marina Terrace, Marina Walk, Global Village, Al Mamzar, Baniyas, Al Sabkha, Rashid Port, Al Seef, Dubai Design District, and Jumeirah Open Beach.
According to Khaleej Times, Tahir Ali who found a bag full of 15kg gold at a parking facility in Al Sabkha area.
Maqbool was on night duty when he found the bag at the parking facility in Al Sabkha area earlier this month.
by Times News Service Taher Ali Maqbool who works as a cleaner in Al Sabkha parking.
(TAP)- Les Amis des Oiseaux (AAO, BirdLife in Tunisia) and Reseau Enfants de la Terre (RET) associations Friday inked an agreement which provides for the launch of a project to conserve Sejoumi sabkha.
"Lines have been increased from one to four, while Al Fahidi and Al Sabkha stations have been added to the existing stations of Al Seef, Baniyas, Dubai Old Souq and Al Ghubaiba," he stated.
Referring to latest edition of the series of Sabkha, he further said that the idea to develop a global book series on Sabkha Ecosystems was born when he asked his colleague Dr Hans-Jorg Barth, who studied salt-deserts in the late 80s and early 90s together with him, to write a scientific article and define the Arabic term 'Sabkha'.
He added that the security forces were able to inspect and check the areas according to targets and intelligence information to search for wanted men and unlicensed weapons, in addition to the installation of sudden checkpoints and search of the vehicles in the Sadiq, Qadissiyah, Majr al-Kabir, Al-Ezair, Sabkha, Justice and Jreat area where security forces were able to confiscate some weapons, and the operations are continuing in the districts and areas of the province to impose security and stability in the governorate./ End
One of my most memorable experience was when we came across a member of the royal family stuck in a sabkha (salt flat), far away from any help.