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A flat area, typically lying between a desert and an ocean or salt lake, whose surface is characterized by efflorescences of salt, gypsum, and calcium carbonate as well as windblown sediments and often tidal deposits.

[Arabic sabaḫa, sabḫa, salt marsh, sabkha, sabiḫa, to rest; see šbḫ in Semitic roots.]


(ˈsæbxə; -kə) or




(ˈsæbxət; -kət)
(Geological Science) a flat coastal plain with a salt crust, common in Arabia
[C19: from Arabic]
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QNA Doha The Qatari Society of Al Gannas will organise 9th Al Gannas Society International Saluqi Championship from March 16 to 23 at Sabkhat Marmi in Sealine, in an effort to promote the cultural heritage of the traditional hunting.
Dr Medammal, who is a faculty member at the southern Indian University of Calicut, was in Qatar recently to attend the T Marmi Festival held at Sabkhat Marmi, in Mesaieed Sealine.
In the meantime, the army aircraft bombed heavily ISIL's concentration centers in the region of Sabkhat al-Mouh, wheat silos of Palmyra city, al-Shoumeriyeh mountain and in surroundings of Jubb al-Jarrah, leaving a number of militants dead or wounded.
Halite, sulphates, sabkhat and Salinas of the coastal regions and Sabkha Matti of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
An army unit, which defends the Air force academy in Aleppo countryside, downed a drone plane for terrorist organizations, seized it and destroyed two boats and killed all terrorists onboard in Sabkhat al-Jaboul to the south-west of the Academy.
The event is organized at Sabkhat Al Haffar under the patronage of His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and will run to 4th April.
It incorporates the results of his journeys between Mataki and Bai in 1946-47 and between Sabkhat Mutti and Sharja in 1947-48.
Tribune News Network Doha THE 9th Qatar International Falcon and Hunting Festival (Marmi Festival) will kick off at Sabkhat Marmi in Messaid (Sealine) on Monday (January 1).
The 4th edition of the early season for falcon hunting Falcon Competition 2017, organised by Al Gannas Society at Sabkhat Al Zakhira, concluded yesterday.
In the latter country, regular visits since 2006 to Sabkhat al Fasl, a large man-made wetland with extensive beds of Phragmites australis reeds, in the Eastern Province indicate a steadily increasing population with 66 birds counted in one visit in August 2009 (Roberts & Babbington, 2012).
Competition at Sabkhat Al Sarami in Al Wathba, that such events help to instill these values in youngsters and strengthen interaction and communication among falconers to practice their hobbies in heritage forums that aim promote genuine heritage from which " we inspire valuable lessons and examples in patience, courage and generosity, heroism, challenge, endurance and other noble principles as we are celebrating these days the 41st anniversary of national day.
QNA Doha The Ninth International Falcons and Hunting Festival 2018 (Marmi) will kick off on January 1 and run until January 27 at Sabkhat Marmi in Sealine.