sable coat

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Noun1.sable coat - a fur coat made of sable furs
fur coat - a coat made of fur
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Lambert was likely wearing her sable coat with its little tails, which had excited great curiosity in Japan: "The men and boys lifted up the little tails, stroked the fur, turned it up to look inside, and were evidently much exercised as to what sort of an animal it was made from." But in Busan, it wasn't her coat that generated excitement ?
The singer is said to have purchased a Russian sable coat and a silver fox coat worth a respective 210,000 dollars and 19,600 dollars at the Helen Yarmak store in Moscow over the weekend.
When Lucas finally gives in and goes to a boxing match in an attention-getting sable coat, he comes alive--and so, briefly, does the movie.
I sold my $5,000 sable coat here," she told me, and admitted she did some buying, too.
I wish I had a sable coat and a chincilla dressing gown and every other fur I could lay my hands on."
He added: "I wish I had a sable coat and a chinchilla dressing gown and every other fur I could lay my hands on."
This index tracks the prices of more than 40 top-of-the-range items, including a sumptuous Russian sable coat, and services such as facelifts by top beauty experts and hiring the country's most expensive lawyers.
She was spat at, branded a "scum-bag" and told she was exploiting animals as she walked around the city in a brown sable coat.