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A sabot filled with salt, a frying-pan, and a large kettle hung inside the chimney.
Soldiers, better than other men, can appreciate the element of grandeur to be found in heroism in sabots, in the Evangel clad in rags.
The woman wore sabots, but the man had on laced boots.
He was dressed in a complete suit of chestnut-coloured velveteen, worn at the sides; sabots were on his feet.
The dogs on the neighbouring farms barked; and Felicite, with her hands beneath her cape, her little black sabots and her basket, trotted along nimbly in the middle of the sidewalk.
After breakfast he strolled forth alone into the village and looked at the fountain, the geese, the open barn doors, the brown, bent old women, showing their hugely darned stocking-heels at the ends of their slowly-clicking sabots, and the beautiful view of snowy Alps and purple Jura at either end of the little street.
He watched the child, stepping up to the cot with a heavy clang of sabots on the stone floor, and glanced in, along his shoulder, with that indifference which is like a deformity of peasant humanity.
Shotshell Types There are three distinct types of shotgun loads: Pellets, or shot; slugs, i.e., a full-bore projectile; and sabot rounds, i.e., a subcaliber projectile often with a plastic sabot.
I followed the powder charge with one of Traditions new Smackdown Ridgeback sabot bullets.
According to Inceptor Ammunition CEO Ron Embree, "When paired with the Umarex SpeedBelt sabot, ARX bullets deliver extreme energy transfer to targets, reduced recoil, and exceptional accuracy and stopping power."
Bullet/ball deformity, as well as inconsistency in how the sabot or patch is shoved down onto the propellant, also can occur.
The sabot slugs your friend intends to use provides some defense against lead shaving.