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 (săk′yə-lər) or sac·cu·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd) also sac·cu·late (-lāt′)
Formed of or divided into a series of saclike dilations or pouches.

sac′cu·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.
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of or resembling a sac
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Myelomeningocele is a sacculation of the meninx and spinal cord through a vertebral defect that develops because of a closure defect of the posterior neuropore, which is the latest phase of neurulation in the third and fourth weeks of gestation.
Correction of rectal sacculation through lateral resection in dogs with perineal hernia technique description.
Diagnostic criteria for atrial septal aneurysm include a sacculation in the interatrial septum with an excursion of 10 mm into the right or left atrium or the sum of bilateral excursions >10 mm.