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 (săs′ər-dōt′l, săk′-)
1. Of or relating to priests or the priesthood; priestly.
2. Of or relating to sacerdotalism.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sacerdōtālis, from sacerdōs, sacerdōt-, priest; see sak- in Indo-European roots.]

sac′er·do′tal·ly adv.
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(Ecclesiastical Terms) of, relating to, or characteristic of priests
[C14: from Latin sacerdōtālis, from sacerdōs priest, from sacer sacred]
ˌsacerˈdotally adv
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(ˌsæs ərˈdoʊt l)

of priests; priestly.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin sacerdōtālis, derivative of sacerdōt-, s. of sacerdōs priest]
sac`er•do′tal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sacerdotal - of or relating to a belief in sacerdotalism; "sacerdotal emphasis on the authority of priests"
2.sacerdotal - associated with the priesthood or priests; "priestly (or sacerdotal) vestments"; "hieratic gestures"
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[ˌsæsəˈdəʊtl] ADJsacerdotal
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References in classic literature ?
Having fixed upon this, I hired a little bark to Jubo, a place about forty leagues distant from Pate, on board which I put some provisions, together with my sacerdotal vestments, and all that was necessary for saying mass: in this vessel we reached the coast, which we found inhabited by several nations: each nation is subject to its own king; these petty monarchies are so numerous, that I counted at least ten in less than four leagues.
Impossible to class it in that ancient family of sombre, mysterious churches, low and crushed as it were by the round arch, almost Egyptian, with the exception of the ceiling; all hieroglyphics, all sacerdotal, all symbolical, more loaded in their ornaments, with lozenges and zigzags, than with flowers, with flowers than with animals, with animals than with men; the work of the architect less than of the bishop; first transformation of art, all impressed with theocratic and military discipline, taking root in the Lower Empire, and stopping with the time of William the Conqueror.
van der Luyden's least gesture as having an almost sacerdotal importance.
One would almost imagine from the long list that is given of cannibal primates, bishops, arch-deacons, prebendaries, and other inferior ecclesiastics, that the sacerdotal order far outnumbered the rest of the population, and that the poor natives were more severely priest-ridden than even the inhabitants of the papal states.
Next Sunday the Tribe of Abalone Eaters will descend upon you here in Bierce's Cove, and you will be able to see the rites, the writers and writeresses, down even to the Iron Man with the basilisk eyes, vulgarly known as the King of the Sacerdotal Lizards."
Universal history, the poets, the romancers, do not in their stateliest pictures, --in the sacerdotal, the imperial palaces, in the triumphs of will or of genius,--anywhere lose our ear, anywhere make us feel that we intrude, that this is for better men; but rather is it true that in their grandest strokes we feel most at home.
In the British museum are preserved many ancient papers, mostly of a sacerdotal character, validated by necromantic pentagrams and other devices, frequently initial letters of words to conjure with; and in many instances these are attached in the same way that seals are appended now.
Para ello, se tratara de poner de manifiesto la contribucion que el derecho canonico presta tanto al joven como a la comunidad cristiana en el discernimiento de la llamada al ministerio sacerdotal. Y ya anticipo que, en este campo, la palabra "idoneidad" desempena un papel esencial.
La nocion de Pueblo de Dios, ademas, califica a la Iglesia como <<comunidad sacerdotal organicamente estructurada>> (LG II).
Synopsis: "The Sacerdotal Owl and Three Other Long Tales" is an anthology of four of Michael Bishop's unusual longer stories, from different stages of his almost fifty-year career.
Macarius Monastery tried to commit suicide on Monday morning, a day after the Coptic Church stripped him of his sacerdotal rank, a source close to his family said.