sacher torte

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sa·cher torte

 (sä′kər tôrt′, zä′KHər tôr′tə)
A rich chocolate cake filled with apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing.

[German Sachertorte : Sacher, surname of a family of 19th- and 20th-century hoteliers + Torte, torte; see torte.]
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Sa•cher torte

(ˈsɑ kər ˈtɔrt, ˈzɑ-)

a chocolate cake filled or spread with apricot jam and covered with a chocolate glaze.
[1905–10; after the Sacher Hotel, in Vienna, Austria]
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Over the years, she's arrived at my door with all manner of elaborate confections -- a Sacher torte, a chocolate-hazelnut cake, assortments of Viennese Christmas cookies, and a billowing almond dacquoise filled with mocha buttercream, each carefully made in the kitchen of her nearby brownstone.
We're able to visit cities and towns that aren't normally part of the itinerary, like the towns of Krems, Melk and Passau." Vienna's famous Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher In Melk, we explored the jaw-dropping baroque abbey and its magnificent frescoed library and church, and gold-plated statuary.
Enjoy three tiers of Austrian-inspired delights, starring smoked Black Forest turkey ham with sauerkraut, salmon and cream cheese mini pretzels and a cranberry, almond, chicken salad trammezine, followed a unique espresso-flavoured spin on a classic Opera cake, iconic Vienna Sacher Torte and rich Black Forest sphere.
This allows customers to have a fantastic Sacher Torte, for instance, but which is completely vegan.
The Sacher Torte (BD2.500) similarly was another mouthwatering marvel (historical fact 2: one of the most famous Viennese chocolate culinary specialties invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna) and don't miss out on the mighty Perry Macaroon (BD2) either.
The home of the delicious Sacher Torte, the hotel exudes old-world charm and has been located in the inner heart of the Austrian capital since 1876. Austria: Wally's Kaffeehaus brings the Viennese Coffee House tradition right into the heart of Cardiff, which of course includes delicious apple strudel alongside other traditional bakes like sacher torte and Black Forest gateau.
On the Bavarian side of my family, as far back as I can remember, birthdays were celebrated with Sacher Torte, a silky chocolate cake topped with a thin film of apricot jam and a chocolate glaze.
My father celebrated his birthday while we were there and George, who has a pleasing penchant for wearing traditional Austrian hats, kindly made him a sacher torte chocolate cake to mark the occasion.
I would have eaten it every mday if there wasn't apfelstrudel and sacher torte to be had as well!
The home of the renowned Sacher Torte has scooped up another accolade by being chosen one of Fodor's 100 Hotel Award 2012 winners.