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1. Football A lineman skilled at sacking the quarterback.
2. Baseball A baseman.
3. One who puts things into sacks: a grocery sacker.
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933-937) Also Cytherea bare to Ares the shield-piercer Panic and Fear, terrible gods who drive in disorder the close ranks of men in numbing war, with the help of Ares, sacker of towns: and Harmonia whom high-spirited Cadmus made his wife.
Mr Moi was such a practiced serial sacker that he changed his deputies like dirty shirts.
Laurence Sacker, managing partner at UHY Hacker Young, said this year's fall in delisting reflected the "improved quality of Aim's offering".
Bernick also said Sacker had apologized for the emails.
During the visit to The De La Salle Academy, both Chris and Police Inspector, John Sacker, the lead for the Community Cash Back Fund, observed an Onside session and met with the school Principal, David Hayes.
In one pointed question and retort, Stephen Sacker summed up the nature of threat Pakistan faces today.
However, if we increase the value of [x.sup.*] (by increasing F) such that (11c) turns into an equality, ([x.sup.*.sub.1], [x.sup.*.sub.2]) undergoes a Neimark- Sacker bifurcation, loses its hyperbolicity, and becomes unstable at the threshold
Laurence Sacker, managing partner at UHY Hacker Young, said: "Resources companies are continuing to rapidly exit the market and the uncertainty caused by Brexit means there isn't a steady flow of companies joining AIM.
In addition Paul Sacker, Crimson Industrial Vision, will present an overview of the current status of the thermography technology market.
At first, the two main characters were called Sheridan Hope and Ormond Sacker. But, two years later the immortal characters were introduced to the world as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in the novel titled 'A Study in Scarlet'.
"So to be honoured for doing something I loved is a real privilege." Nicknamed the 'sacker', Dennis made his test debut for England in 1966.
First Job: "My first job was working as a grocery store sacker and stacker at Pretti's Big Star #97 on Commerce Street in Hernando, Mississippi.