sacramental wine

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Noun1.sacramental wine - used in a communion servicesacramental wine - used in a communion service    
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
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vin de messe
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"You have swallowed a snake in a cup of sacramental wine," quoth he.
During the proceedings of the court, the prosecution informed the jury that the victims, who were choirboys at the time, were caught by Pell drinking sacramental wine.
Pell was found guilty of cornering the two boys, who were on scholarships to the prestigious St Kevin's College, in the sacristy after Sunday mass at St Patrick's Cathedral in December 1996, when he was archbishop of Melbourne.The boys had nicked off" from the rest of the choral procession and were taking swigs of sacramental wine before the cardinal found them, opened his robe, exposed his penis and sexually assaulted them.
The jury convicted Pell of abusing two 13-year-old boys whom he had caught drinking sacramental wine in a rear room at a Melbourne cathedral in late 1996.
He abused two 13-year-old choirboys in the city's cathedral in 1996 after catching them drinking sacramental wine after Mass.
They found some of the sacramental wine and drank it when Pell walked in on them and insinuated that they were in trouble.
Focusing solely on sacramental wine, the Herzogs eventually grew their portfolio to more than 400 wines, where it stands today.
He made friends with San Francisco's Archbishop Alemany, who granted Concannon a sacramental wine license, which was good for immediate business and was more valuable when Prohibition from 1920 through 1933 banned recreational alcohol.
There is, of course, Manischewitz, that syrupy sweet sacramental wine, and slivovitz, a throat-burning plum-brandy with roots in Eastern Europe.
Its sacramental wine, handcrafted by a local winemaker, is available to parishes within and outside the diocese.
Back in the early 1990s, we were focused on issues like Muslim firefighters who lost their jobs for growing beards or Roman Catholic congregants fearful of not being able to use sacramental wine in "dry" counties.