1. The doctrine that observance of the sacraments is necessary for salvation and that such participation can confer grace.
2. Emphasis on the efficacy of a sacramental.

sac′ra·men′tal·ist n.
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Second, many of the essays involve familiar re-statements of patristic and medieval theologies of beauty that have also shaped the growing body of sacramentalist theological aesthetics over the last thirty years or so.
Desmond's exit report at theological college noted his partiality to certain elements and practices of Catholicism--from whence his sacramentalist understanding of the church probably emanated.
And it perhaps takes a playful sacramentalist like Angela O'Donnell to really believe it--or at least to believe it in her poems.
The Anglo-Catholics were happy to endorse mission among "the heathen" but fiercely opposed to it in traditional parts of Christendom such as Latin America or Europe; their highly sacramentalist view of baptism (also linked to a highly sacramentalist view of the Episcopacy), whether Roman Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, meant that in countries where a high rate of infant baptism still prevailed, conversionist mission was deeply offensive and must at all costs be condemned.
JOHN 6:12 Man is unavoidably a sacramentalist and his works are sacramental in character.
Most of what is at stake in the conflict between a Spiritualist and sacramentalist understanding of the New Testament is played out in the debate's focus on the two natures of Christ.
What, if not sacramentalist theology and conservative politics, are the common denominators of the Laudian aesthetic?
As for me (personally) and eroticism--central to my "world view" is the heirosgamos--I am not a dualist--I don't know anything about this "spirit and matter must not be confused" I am a "polarist," a sacramentalist if you will.
In the words of Owen Chadwick, 'Victorian England was religious.' (10) To find a hymn book that satisfied its various groups, Anglo-Catholic, Protestant, sacramentalist, evangelical, ritualistic, sermon-preaching, High Church, Low Church, Broad Church, liberal, was a tall order.
In its treatment of repentant sinners, this poem reflects a Ciceronian concept of iustitia, defined by Cicero as "rendering each man his due deserts," in contrast to a later, sacramentalist view of justice that derives from Augustine and opposes the quid pro quo morality of human justice to divine justice, rooted in the divine nature itself and illustrated by Augustine through the parable of the workers in the vineyard.
Defenders of his orthodoxy have often found it necessary to make him a sacramentalist; but Hermans shows that the antidote to such Tractarian fallacies is simply to check our footnotes and to reason from the evidence with the parsimony expected of a scholar.
His interpretation had a profound effect on me as a Catholic trinitarian sacramentalist.