sacred monster

sac′red mon′ster

a celebrity whose eccentricities or indiscretions are easily forgiven by admirers.
[1980–85; translation of French monstre sacré]
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Bronson was hugely popular in Europe - the French knew him as "le sacre monstre" (the sacred monster), the Italians as "Il Brutto" (the brute).
Maria Callas: Sacred Monster. By Stelios Galatopoulos.
A woman of genius with horrendous flaws, Thomas was a sacred monster.
As much as Thomas Mann at the end, Kundera reminds me of Vladimir Nabokov-another exile, another Bolshie-basher, another father-phile, another disdainer of the determinisms of Marx and Freud, another sacred monster of immortal art, opposed to the very idea of a "future," inventor of Zemblas.
Actress Alexis del Largo, the "sacred monster" of Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth, explains her use of drugs and her predilection for paid male companionship in terms that mirror Williams description of his own life: "I couldn't get old with that tiger still in me raging." The tiger is the rage to enjoy sexual warmth and find affirmation in another person, for however brief a time.
this sacred monster, this Russian prince, who lived only to create marvels.) The V&A has lovingly amassed these marvels in this magnificent show.
she'd make an extremely good hospital nurse or nanny." And Marlene Dietrich he described as Jean Cocteau's "sacred monster in person."
The detective Azuma was Dirty Harry not as sacred cow but sacred monster, as demented as he is incorruptible.
Curated by Pamela Golbin, who has written two of the essays in the impressive catalogue, and designed by another sacred monster of the fashion world, Andree Putnam, this long overdue exhibition is an homage to one of the most revolutionary dressmakers of the 20th century.
WITH HIS NEW FILM, Neruda, Chile's master of the political gothic, Pablo Larrain, exhumes a sacred monster: namely, his nation's 1971 Nobel Laureate, the poet Pablo Neruda.
Jones, the award-winning director and choreographer, why he took a chance on a man he refers to as a "sacred monster", and created a show which has become an international phenomenon.