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 (săk′rə-lĭj′əs, -lē′jəs)
Committing sacrilege or characterized by sacrilege.

sac′ri·le′gious·ly adv.
sac′ri·le′gious·ness n.
Usage Note: Sacrilegious, the adjective form of sacrilege, is often misspelled through confusion with religious.
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Noun1.sacrilegiousness - profaneness by virtue of committing sacrilege
unsanctification, profaneness - unholiness by virtue of being profane
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vanhelgandi hegîun/háttur
kutsal şeylere saygısızlık


(ˈsӕkrəlidʒ) noun
the act of using a holy thing or place in a wicked way. Robbing a church is considered (a) sacrilege.
ˈsacriˈlegious (-ˈlidʒəs) adjective
ˌsacriˈlegiously adverb
ˌsacriˈlegiousness noun
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These range from good-natured satire to provocative sacrilegiousness to serious questioning of established beliefs.
Sacrilegiousness is literally "built into" Carnival culture and remained so even after the Council of Trent.