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sacrist, sacristan

an official or cleric appointed curator of the vestments, sacred vessels, and relies of a religious body, church, or cathedral.
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The Rev David Sudron, sacrist at Durham Cathedral, said: "We are thrilled with the crozier Wilf is so kindly giving to the cathedral.
Both types are extensively used in Monasteriales Indicia and freely combine to make up compound signs, as the one for sacrist illustrates (6): "mon sette his twegen fingras on his twa eagan and do mid his handa swylce he wille ane hangigende bellan teon" ['one puts one's two fingers to one's two eyes, and makes with one's hand as if one were to pull a hanging bell'].
14) The sacrist (the official responsible for arranging funerals and receiving payment) kept records, but these are often vague and incomplete.