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 (săk′rō-sī-ăt′ĭk, sā′krō-)
Of, relating to, or affecting the sacrum and ischium.
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The points assessed were sacral curve, whether sacral promontory was reached or not, sacrosciatic notch, lateral pelvic walls, ischial spines and inter spinous distance, sub pubic angle, diagonal conjugate and transverse diameter of pelvic outlet and decision regarding mode of delivery was taken.
On clinical examination, udder engorgement and relaxation of sacrosciatic ligaments were not so prominent.
Clinical and radiographic features of achondroplasia Clinical features Radiographic features Disproportionate short stature Long bones: Short, robust tubular bones; generalised metaphyseal Large head with frontal bossing changes (may be mild) Mid-face hypoplasia with depressed Spine: narrowing of the nasal bridge interpedicular distance in lumbar spine Rhizomelic shortening of the arms and legs Pelvis: rounded ilia and horizontal acetabulae; narrow Brachydactyly, often with trident sacrosciatic notches configuration of the hands Femurs: proximal radiolucency of Bowed legs femoral heads Thoraco-lumbar kyphosis in infancy Exaggerated lumbar lordosis when ambulatory Normal/average intelligence