saddle back

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sad·dle back

n. espalda caída. V.: lordosis.
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Tenders are invited for Special Repairs To Bldg No P-296 And P-297 At Lagger Complex Saw P-188 At Saddle Back (Sott) Og Gate No 5 Barrier (Auto Wing) Cement Tiles With Kota Stone In Or Cook House In Hq Saw Provision Of Wall Behind War Memorial Dm Regt Steel Rolling Shutt
In this case it was diagnosed postoperatively by 12 lead ECG which showed saddle back type ST elevation of 2mm in lead V2 and on doing echocardiography no structural abnormality was found.
Members of Deighton Working Men's Club got in the saddle back in August to take on a sponsored cycle ride for Yorkshire Regiment Benevolent Trust.
Per Lipstick and Dipstick's advice, you need to go take seven cold showers, spend three months away from this friendship, and kiss two other women before you can saddle back up.
The pork served is outdoor, free-range Saddle Back and all fish is sourced from UK fishermen who use sustainable methods.
Take a seat with saddle back, soft black faux leather Brava barstools for pounds 119 from www.