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Adj.1.saddle-shaped - shaped in the form of a horse's saddle
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Another great volcano, with a saddle-shaped summit, also emitted from its immense crater little jets of steam.
Horsey history: Longchamp's saddle-shaped Cavalcade bag The envelope-like Le Pliage, Longchamp's longtime bestseller and icon, is presented as a tiny top-handle bag this time around, compact enough to bring abroad but also roomy enough to fit a smartphone, small wallet and essential makeup items.
This is a saddle-shaped piece of polymer that screws onto the steel side rail seats on either side of the handguard.
To show this, they first simplified the math, formulating a universe without matter or energy and with an overall saddle-shaped geometry.
Additionaly, workpieces that were placed in lathe centers are usually characterized by a saddle-shaped error.
In the project, the intersecting line, called the three-dimensional standard saddle-shaped weld, is formed by the combination of two orthogonal cylinders.
Dutt [15] presented wind tune tests on the wind pressure distribution of saddle-shaped roofs with f/D = 1/10 and [theta] = 0[degrees].
The saddle-shaped roof structure is elliptical in plan, with a major axis span of 118 m and a minor axis span of 115 m.
These surfaces included spheres, amoebas and complex hyperbolic structures, or saddle-shaped or doughnut-shaped abstract objects with multiple openings.
Clitellum yellow-orange in 13-16, 17 only dorsally, saddle-shaped without reaching ventral setae and covering setae cd (Fig.
The saddle-shaped seat feels strange at first (and I would recommend you don't try it in a skirt) but actually, I find I can balance well and hook my unused arm around the stubby chair-arm to counter when leaning to the patient on my right.