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One who breaks into safes in order to steal items from them.

safe′crack′ing n.


the act of breaking into a safe
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spin the dial, before proceeding to more extreme safecracking methods.
By the time his idea reached the screen, it had been rethought to such a degree that Murphy now finds himself the only black character in the initial crew, enlisted because "he's been arrested a bunch of times." The gang later recruits a Jamaican safecracking maid played by "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe, who gives Murphy a chance to squirm under her sexual advances (hilarious) and fend off fat jokes (not so much).
The structure is part of the entertainment, switching around to go with the flow of his intriguing life, but it was that life itself that was so fascinating--everything from his interest in safecracking to art to languages to his irreverence towards authority to his reaction to his work on the atom bomb.
THE COLLECTOR Cert 18, 90mins Starring: Josh Stewart Blood-soaked horror about a thief whose latest safecracking job is interrupted by a masked maniac.
Boehm sent his SEALs into prisons to learn lock-picking, safecracking and hotwiring cars--which could become handy behind enemy lines.
This attitude serves her well in her current role as Echo, a doll--someone who's had her identity wiped and can be imprinted with different identities and specialized skills, such as safecracking and martial arts, at the request of Dollhouse clients.
His resistance to the state and to urban misery, along with his scientific approach to break-ins and safecracking allowed Breitwieser to embody the anti-capitalist hero and the modern craftsman.
Chapman was a notorious criminal who had 40 safecracking charges dropped because of his heroism during the war and he soon taught young McKew everything he knew from doping dogs to rigging card games.
In classrooms at the west 16th street headquarters of the National Council of Young Israel, Bernstein taught his young charges codes and ciphers, safecracking, and lock-picking, among other useful talents.
Repeatedly, Cadiot sets up situations where the butler devises elaborate schemes--connected to fishing, safecracking, animal mistreatment, and various homicidal acts--that often turn out to be distinct from the assumed (by us) real world, yet true on their own terms.