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A lamp having one or more color filters allowing moderate darkroom illumination without affecting photosensitive film or paper.


(Photography) photog a light that can be used in a room in which photographic material is handled, transmitting only those colours to which a particular type of film, plate, or paper is relatively insensitive



a darkroom light with a filter that transmits only those rays of the spectrum to which films, printing paper, etc., are not sensitive.
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Luna B, Perez B, Fernandez-Gonzalez, F & Moreno JM (2004) Sensitivity to green safelight of 12 Mediterranean species.
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You'd want the white bulb (one you can turn off and on) positioned over the "dry" work area, away from the chemicals and sink, and you'd need a safelight as well.
Maxine gets to work checking the X-ray, replenishing the X-ray solutions, turning on the processor to warm up for the first patient's film, running the quality assurance film to ensure that the equipment is working properly, and turning on the safelight to get the dark room ready to go.
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