Safety cage

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(Mach.) a cage for an elevator or mine lift, having appliances to prevent it from dropping if the lifting rope should break.

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Unlike a conventional road car, its race version features lightweight rims with a central nut, a lowered suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, a safety cage and an upgraded six-speed sequential gearbox.
City officials purchased a safety cage and water pump through safety grant money provided by the city's worker's compensation insurance carrier at a cost of about $12,000.
The vehicle features a steel safety cage, puncture-resistant fuel cell, racing seats and a full race harness to comply with SCORE racing regulations, upgraded LED lighting and minor revisions to the factory suspension to accommodate extra weight from the safety cage and fuel cell.
For operator protection, the head incorporates a 100% stainless steel safety cage to eliminate corrosion and facilitate cleaning.
Sandvik's solution to this requirement was to develop and install a safety cage around the feed beam.
such as hands-free pipe handling and breakout, enlarged operator and helper stands, a table safety cage and catwalks that meet or exceed industry safety standards.
The victim had stepped inside a metal safety cage where the huge automaton was housed.
Along with this, the car comes knee airbags for the driver and safety cage that is capable of withstanding impact in the event of any crash.
Safety features include City safety -- a collision avoidance safety feature, pedestrian detection with full auto brakes, Blind spot information system, Intelligent Driver information system, Dynamic Stability & Traction Control,Volvo Safety cage with SIPS, Roll over protection system.
However, the officers told the businessman that health and safety rules forbid them from climbing onto the roof even though the businessman and his son provided them with a safety cage on a forklift truck, which is within health and safety rules.
It features an impact resistant safety cage which acts like a cocoon around passengers.