safety lock

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: lock - guard consisting of a locking device that prevents a weapon from being fired
safety device, guard, safety - a device designed to prevent injury or accidents
gun - a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel) lock - a bolt that cannot be moved from outside the door or gatesafety lock - a bolt that cannot be moved from outside the door or gate
deadbolt, bolt - the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key
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He did not go far; Master Will Jobson, dwelling in Piccadilly, listened to his propositions, comprehended his wishes, and promised to make him a safety lock that should relieve him from all future fear.
Contract awarded for 6503n001-hydraulic remote control special purpose screwed ram jack with safety lock nut, capacity 25 tonnes, type :- ro-sp-sr-25/362 hyd.
SafeKey Lockout Padlocks minimize the risk of unwanted key duplication in padlocks, including a single worker's personal safety lock. The padlocks support up to 100,000 precision-cut operating keys--700% more than traditional locks--allowing them to more effectively guard against duplication, a concern critical for facilities that issue multiple padlocks for lockout.
The NexYZ attaches securely to any eyepiece from 35- to 60-mm in diameter with a padded clamp and adjustable safety lock. Two additional adapter rings are included for connecting the device to smaller microscope eyepieces.
Gemma Kelly was ordered to pay almost PS400 compensation after damaging the child safety lock on the vehicle.
I have a Post-'64 push-feed Winchester Model 70 chambered in .264 Winchester Magnum with a safety lock that will not stay in the breech bolt when under pressure from the striker spring when assembled.
CID police rushed to the scene and established that the robbers entered the store through the front door, after removing the safety lock with a sharp instrument.
Designed for use with Martindale lock out devices and compatible with most other safety lock out products, this new range is supplied with special "Lock Out" markings and permanent write-on labels to assign user names.
According to the Altoona Mirror, the firearm's safety lock was disengaged and the man's pants activated the gun when he stood up in the pew.
It opens to a full 90-inch angle and is equipped with a safety lock that engages automatically.
# Item NSN PN 1 Safety lock, small (for 3/8-in 5925-01-581-4662 296050002-1 circuit breakers) 1 Safety lock, large (for 7/16-in 5925-01-609-6121 296050008 circuit breakers) 2 Safety lock sleeve 5925-01-609-6208 296050009 3 Clip for safety lock and sleeve 5925-01-609-6211 296050018 4 Safety lock kit (contains 10 small safety locks, 2 large 5935-01-609-6893 296050020-1 safety locks, 12 safety lock sleeves, 12 warnings/danger tags and 12 clips) 5 Safety lock kit (contains 18 5935-01-609-6266 296050020-2 small safety locks, 18 warning/danger tags, and 18 clips)
A dual safety lock package includes manual flip lock and retaining chain that hooks onto hoppers, keeping contents intact when stationary and fastening onto forktruck lift masts during transit and dumping, stabilizing loads to prevent accidental sliding or spillage.