safety margin

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: margin - the margin required in order to insure safetysafety margin - the margin required in order to insure safety; "in engineering the margin of safety is the strength of the material minus the anticipated stress"
margin - an amount beyond the minimum necessary; "the margin of victory"
index - a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number
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Colin Dickie, director of Barclays Wealth, said, 'The first issue of our Target Growth Plan had the same large safety margin but to further mitigate the risk the new issue will only observe the capital at risk barrier at maturity.
The Linnets now have a six-point safety margin behind them and although only in sixth spot, they now lie two points off third position.
Traditionally, a safety margin of at least 10 J between the maxi mum output of the pulse generator and the energy needed for defibrillation has been used because early studies indicate that lower safety margins were associated with high rates of failed defibrillation and sudden cardiac death (7,8).
Thus, with a safety margin of 14, say, in the 2m4f maiden, a horse number 20 would have a good chance of a run, but one numbered 30 or more wouldn't.
"If you don't have enough people, you either can't provide the service or can't maintain the safety margin." Hand in hand with unstaffing is under-resting.
The policy, which was prompted by an accident in Chicago in December, requires a safety margin of 15% to be factored into landing distances during poor weather.
The FAA has called for stricter and more uniform pilot calculations to ensure safety margins for landing aircraft on snow-covered or slippery runways, proposing a safety margin of at least 15%.
It therefore "provides a sufficient safety margin against breaching the 3% of GDP deficit threshold with normal macroeconomic fluctuations in each year".
The authors stated that "ultimate safety in use depends on the establishment of an adequate safety margin." This margin is the ratio between the dose demonstrated to be safe from research and the dose actually consumed, explains Nico van Belzen, executive director of ILSI Europe.
Where no automated temperature instrumentation is used, the soaking phase of the SIP process is extended and held, while manual checks are completed, or to establish an excess safety margin and assume that all pipeline sections are properly treated.
The alleged error also meant that the aircraft did not have the recommended five per cent safety margin and an extra reserve to cover 45 minutes of flying time.
It's a family vehicle, a highly economical vehicle and a luxury vehicle, and it performs each role with a big safety margin. If only there was a more sporty diesel engine, then it could claim to be more of driver's delight as well.