sage hen

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Noun1.Sage hen - large grouse of sagebrush regions of North Americasage hen - large grouse of sagebrush regions of North America
grouse - popular game bird having a plump body and feathered legs and feet
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Her first historical fiction novel, The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen, is scheduled for a spring 2008 release.
From sauces and marinades to rubs, brines, and relishes, "The Everything Wild Game Cookbook" is a complete culinary reference and covers fish (both saltwater and fresh water), big game (elk deer, antelope, caribou and moose, wild pig, and boar, javelina, buffalo, bear, mountain goat and sheep), small game (rabbit, hare, squirrel, raccoon, woodchuck, beaver, opossum and muskrat), game birds (pheasant, quail, partridge, prairie chicken, ptarmigan, grouse, sage hen, woodcok, snipe, rail, piegeons, dove, wild duck, wild goose, wild turkey), as well as "trimmings" and desserts.
Our intent was to hunt chukars, but when our setter pointed her first sage hen, we switched gears instantly, dropping one of two birds that flushed in front of her.
In the early twentieth century, Ober (1920) noted, "The sage hen is one of our grandest game birds, a bird that should be carefully guarded to prevent extinction .
5 miles, turn right onto paved Sage Hen Road for 1.