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also sag·gar  (săg′ər)
1. A protective casing of fire clay in which delicate ceramic articles are fired.
2. Clay used to make ceramic casings.

[Perhaps alteration of safeguard.]


(ˈsæɡə) or


(Ceramics) a clay box in which fragile ceramic wares are placed for protection during firing
[C17: perhaps alteration of safeguard]


A casing made of fine clay in which delicate ceramic ware is fired.
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Blunging, Fettling, Saggar and Wedging are all terms used in which craft?
According to Saggar, Prince Charles and Princess Diana both carried the gene, as proven by Prince Harry being ginger.
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After the first firing is completed, they are glazed by the dipping method and then placed in saggar boxes and 1250[degrees]C reduction firing is applied.
Auction are invited for Boi z ludhiana br mandi gob garh acc saggar alloys
Saggar S, Singh J, Giltrap DL, Zaman D, Luo J, Rollo M, Kim D-G, Rys G, van der Weerden TJ (2013) Quantification of reductions in ammonia emissions from fertiliser urea and animal urine in grazed pastures with urease inhibitors for agriculture inventory: New Zealand as a case study.
Siddharth Prakash (1), Kavita Saggar (2), Vikram Narang (3)
Atul Saggar, special projects manager at Ingenuity Technologies, said Oman suffers from a lack of base level regulations in IT security infrastructure and such a law needs to be implemented quickly, which would in turn take care of the lack of awareness in cyber security.
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The more creative the drawing (rated by assessing originality, complexity and attention to detail), the more activity in the cerebellum, Manish Saggar of Stanford University and colleagues found.
At least 25 or 30 previous studies, mostly of professionally creative people such as jazz musicians and Emmy Award winners, have tried to look at neural correlates of creativity, said the study's lead author, Manish Saggar, PhD, an instructor in psychiatry and a member of the teaching team at the d.