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also sag·gar  (săg′ər)
1. A protective casing of fire clay in which delicate ceramic articles are fired.
2. Clay used to make ceramic casings.

[Perhaps alteration of safeguard.]


(ˈsæɡə) or


(Ceramics) a clay box in which fragile ceramic wares are placed for protection during firing
[C17: perhaps alteration of safeguard]


A casing made of fine clay in which delicate ceramic ware is fired.
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Rosenberg, CPA, MST, is a partner with Saggar & Rosenberg in Rockville, Md.
Blunging, Fettling, Saggar and Wedging are all terms used in which craft?
Suraj Saggar, chief of infectious disease at Holy Name Medical Center, said that foodborne illnesses hits one in six Americans, around 48 million annually, resulting in 112,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 fatalities.
This might include IP training and MECS accreditation, as Gillian Bruce and Rahil Saggar explain.
The deposition of N[H.sub.3] occurring within 4-5 km of the source of the emissions (Krupa 2003) can cause eutrophication of aquatic bodies and acidification of soil (Saggar et al.
However, the prosecution has been able to secure two convictions, including the sentencing to 10 years of Haniya Saggar, the wife of slain controversial Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo.
[15.] Thaman RG, Dhillon SK, Saggar S, Gupta MP, Kaur H.
He is particularly interested in terra-sigillata and firing techniques such as raku, smoke and saggar. His work is concerned with surface, tessellation, natural geometry and virtuosity.
OSL Luxury Collections Retail Head Prem Dewan and Sunil Mehra Creative Director Saggar Mehra list a few ways: Suede erasers The dust, dirt or dry stains on suedes can be removed using suede erasers that are designed especially for this particular type of leather.
According to Saggar, Prince Charles and Princess Diana both carried the gene, as proven by Prince Harry being ginger.
Then, 10 specimens were placed each time on saggar tray and transferred to furnace and subjected to opaque firing [Figure 5].