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sagittate leaf


adj. Biology
Having the shape of an arrowhead: sagittate leaves; sagittate shells.

[Latin sagitta, arrow + -ate.]


(ˈsædʒɪˌteɪt) or


(Botany) (esp of leaves) shaped like the head of an arrow
[C18: from New Latin sagittātus, from Latin sagitta arrow]


(ˈsædʒ ɪˌteɪt)

also sa•git•ti•form

(səˈdʒɪt əˌfɔrm, ˈsædʒ ɪ tə-)

shaped like an arrowhead.
[1750–60; < New Latin sagittātus]


shaped like an arrowhead, especially plant leaves shaped like elongated triangles.
See also: Arrows
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Adj.1.sagittate - (of a leaf shape) like an arrow head without flaring base lobes
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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Paramere gradually narrowing to preapical lateral spine; narrowly sagittate apically; apex desclerotized, dorsally unisetose, attenuate; ventrally separate, articulate.
Androecium of 4 stamens, filaments 5.2-6.1 cm long, hairy along their length and basally connate for 1 cm forming a staminal blade folded and open dorsally; anther 2 x 1.9 mm, connective subquadrate, basally sagittate, thecae elliptic with longitudinal dehiscence.
Androecium of 4 stamens, filament 2.8 cm long, glabrous, basally connate by 0.4 cm of their length forming a staminal blade; anther sagittate, 0.3 X 0.2 cm.
2A, B) and the juvenile (male) have 7 ribs in the buccal membrane, the arm formula is II > I > III > IV, the fins are triangular (sagittate) and cover 30% of the ML, and the funnel/mantle-locking apparatus is fused.
Constructed wetland mesocosms for the treatment of diluted sugarcane molasses still-age from ethanol production using Pontederia sagittate. Water Res 2008.
Stamens 5; filaments slender, adnate at middle of the corolla tube, slightly winged at base; anthers dorsifixed, bilobed, [+ or -] sagittate, creamy-white.
S is for sagittate, seed and stomata and lots of other science words - so many that I'll have to finish the S's in a month's time ...
WOLVERHAMPTON: 2.10 Siraj, 2.45 Brother Cadfael, 3.15 Ephesus, 3.45 Sagittate, 4.20 Katiypour, 4.50 Mallard.