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(səˈɡɔɪn; ˈsæɡwɪn) (ˈsæɡwɪn) ,




(Animals) a South American monkey
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After the dark Vipers'Tangle came Le mystere Frontenanc, in which he idealized the Catholic family (and, in so doing, the Mauriac family); after Le Sagouin, in which God is absent, came L'Agneau, in which Providence is at work; after Therese Desqueyroux, which speaks about the poisoner whom he refused to have convert, he had other less-important characters convert.'The problem is that these novels are not his best, the most complete and polished, and they certainly are not those which gave Mauriac his deserved reputation.
Rien." (55); "Comme dans un film ou un vieux sagouin, moi, alors que je ne savais meme pas et que je n'ai rien fait d'autre qu'apercevoir, tandis que le vrai sagouin, en ce moment, maintenant ..." (69).
A novel, Sagouin (1951), deals with the tragic childhood of Guillon Galeas, rejected by his adulterous mother as "degenerate."
/ Sagouin, makio or mandrill / Ouistitis, sapajou, gorilla / From its head to its back / You will bring me its skin.
I also found some of the vocabulary in the Jarry too modern, for instance 'piss off' (for 'fichez le camp' and 'foutre le camp'), or 'creep' (for 'sagouin' and 'Arabe'), but given the general linguistic mayhem of the context, perhaps I am being too fussy; certainly the translator was right to avoid any more literal translation of 'foutre'.