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A medium-sized antelope (Saiga tatarica) of the steppes of Eurasia, having a large fleshy snout and, in the male, ridged yellowish horns.

[Russian saĭga, from Chagatai saiğak.]


(Animals) either of two antelopes, Saiga tatarica or S. mongolica, of the plains of central Asia, having an enlarged slightly elongated nose
[C19: from Russian]


(ˈsaɪ gə)

n., pl. -gas.
a goatlike antelope, Saiga tatarica, of W Asia and E Russia, having a greatly enlarged muzzle.
[1795–1805; (< New Latin) < Russian saĭgá(k) < Turkic]
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Noun1.saiga - goat-like antelope of central Eurasia having a stubby nose like a proboscissaiga - goat-like antelope of central Eurasia having a stubby nose like a proboscis
antelope - graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-diks
genus Saiga - Eurasian antelopes: saigas
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Saiga is recognized as a prominent Japanese diplomat with extensive experience working with the international body and held key posts in her diplomatic career from serving as the consul general in Seattle, to holding a post at the Japanese mission in New York as an ambassador and then going on to become the Japanese ambassador in Norway and Iceland.
LOOK-A-LIKEY: Corrie's Audrey Roberts and a saiga antelope.
Recent work on the role of migratory Saiga antelopes in livestock disease epidemiology has shown how host movement, multiple host species, and temporal and climatic variation must be included in population dynamics models of parasites (33).
Kazakhstan hosted 5,000 birds 20 years ago but conservationists feared nests were being trampled by livestock where land was farmed and that in more remote areas vegetation was too dense for nesting because it was no longer grazed by the heavily poached saiga antelope.
CUTLINE: Steve Austin as Conrad and Masa Yamaguchi as Saiga in "The Condemned.
The Chinese and South Korean governments have great influences on North Korea,'' said Lefkowitz, who has been working closely on human rights issues with his Japanese counterpart Fumiko Saiga.
While making Trials of Life in the late 1990s I filmed a million Saiga antelope migrating across the plains of central Asia.
The maiden heifer from Setmabanning, near Keswick, was sired by the French bull Saiga and is out of the well bred Cloughhead Sacha.
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However it soon became clear that the main contributor is pasture decline due to grazing pressure--the same factor which imperils the future of the wild horse as well as the herds of ibex, argali, Mongolian gazelle, black-tailed gazelle and the critically endangered saiga antelope.
Extracts prepared from the horn of the antelope Saiga tatarica Linnaeus (Cornu Saigae tataricae; Lingyangjiao; TCM 4 in Table 1), the red Peony root (Radix Paeoniae rubrae; Chishao; Paeonia lactiflora Pallas (Paeoniaceae); TCM 5 in Table 1), and the scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch (Scorpio; Quanxie; TCM 18 in Table 1) showed less potent inhibitory activity with an I[C.