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1. Nautical
a. A piece of fabric sewn together and fitted to the spars and rigging of a vessel so as to convert the force of the wind into forward motion of the vessel.
b. The sails of a ship or boat.
c. A narrow fairwater supporting the bridge of a submarine.
2. pl. sail or sails Nautical A sailing vessel.
3. Nautical A trip or voyage in a sailing craft.
4. Something, such as the blade of a windmill, that resembles a sail in form or function.
v. sailed, sail·ing, sails
1. Nautical
a. To move across the surface of water, especially by means of a sailing vessel.
b. To travel by water in a vessel.
c. To start out on such a voyage or journey: Tomorrow we sail for the islands.
d. To operate a sailing craft, especially for sport.
2. To move along or progress smoothly or effortlessly: sailed into the room five minutes late; sailed through the exam; sailed through the red light.
3. To move along through the air: The ball sailed into the stands. Nautical
1. To navigate or manage (a vessel).
2. To voyage upon or across: sail the Pacific.
Phrasal Verb:
sail into
To attack or criticize vigorously: sailed into the workmen for the shoddy job they were doing.
under sail
Nautical With the sails up; sailing.

[Middle English seil, from Old English segl. Sail into, from obsolete sail, to attack, from Middle English sailen, short for assailen; see assail.]
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2. To pass quickly and lightly through the air:
3. To move through the air with or as if with wings:
4. To proceed with ease, especially of expression:
phrasal verb
sail in
To start work on vigorously:
attack, go at, tackle, wade in (or into).
Idiom: hop to it.
phrasal verb
sail into
To set upon with violent force:
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w>sail into

vi +prep obj (inf) personanfahren; discussionsich einschalten in (+acc)
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Team Abu Dhabi will sail into their home port to a hero's welcome on February 15, and take part in in-port short course racing there on February 16.
Last year, Japan's space agency launched the world's first solar sail into interplanetary space; its metal-coated membrane unfurled and caught the light to begin sunjamming.