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Noun1.Sailing master - the ship's officer in charge of navigationsailing master - the ship's officer in charge of navigation
ship's officer, officer - a person authorized to serve in a position of authority on a vessel; "he is the officer in charge of the ship's engines"
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(Oh, it was the way, the custom.) "Come on, boys," said our sailing master. There stood the inevitable adjacent saloon.
There we stood at the long bar--the sailing master, the mate, the six hunters, the six boat-steerers, and the five boat-pullers.
[As it turned out, Quest experienced breakages including a spectacular nosedive that catapulted sailing master Mike Green through the wheel.]
In the first of these stories, The Lasting Gift, an impoverished war widow returns a mis-delivered parcel and attracts the interest of a well-to-do retired sailing master and his sister.
Synopsis: In "The Lasting Gift", the first of these stories set in Regency England, an impoverished war widow returns a misdelivered parcel and attracts the interest of a well-to-do retired sailing master and his sister.
Finally as executive officer and sailing master for over four years and two major foreign deployments with Captain Chris whom he referred to as his 'mentor and good friend'.
I AM a qualified sailing master with over 40 years' experience sailing mainly traditional sailing vessels in and out of many ports around the United Kingdom, including Barry Waterfront.
The original name of the farmhouse was Tinten and it was built by the rector of the village, father of Captain Bligh, the commander of HMS Bounty and sailing master on Captain Cook's third and fatal voyage to the Pacific.
The former Eton School pupil shares a house in Stockingford with his 20-year-old brother Joe and has recently been to Hull to visit his father Peter, who is a sailing master at Trinity House College.
Just like warrant officers who held the title of sailing master in the past, Patrick is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of "Old Ironsides."
``I progressed to becoming second mate and then sailing master (whoneeds to know what everything does).I thought if I'vedone it then a lot of others can do it as well.