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There, in that supernatural land, he appears as a fair-haired and saintlike young man--fair hair and goodness always go together on the stage.
It deserves Americans' full support but not quite the saintlike status that Kelly assigned it and that the absence of compulsory national service encourages.
The women's motivations are ambiguous, from the scornful Dominique to the saintlike Celeste, who is long-suffering in her attempts to nurse him to health and who patiently listens to his ravings about the ethereal Kyzmyt.
And when the compassionate, saintlike, understanding Adelfa cannot give him the same devotion she gives her family, the scene throbs more with tragedy than with a sense of long-deserved comeuppance.
(64) Hurley declared that colonialism in Australia "only creates martyrs of the people it sets out to destroy." (65) His saintlike portraits, like those of Dowling's, convey this sentiment.
The painting, by 40-yearold German artist and illustrator Thomas Ganter, shows a homeless carwindscreen cleaner called Karel, captured in a saintlike pose.
I create nuanced, complex characters who have to be true to themselves--in spite of the temptation, led by my own personal politics, to make them perfectly saintlike and politically correct."
A saintlike woman--actually a bride--looms above chanting protesters; a policeman, a gun behind his back, surveils three shadowy male figures, one of whom holds a sign that reads the cop is our friend.
Freeman, a beautiful fit for the part even if he doesn't go all the way with the accent, takes a little while to shake off the man's saintlike image, and admittedly, the role of such a hallowed contemporary figure does not invite too much complexity, inner exploration or actorly elaboration.