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Noun1.salad green - greens suitable for eating uncooked as in saladssalad green - greens suitable for eating uncooked as in salads
greens, leafy vegetable, green - any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables
lettuce - leaves of any of various plants of Lactuca sativa
celtuce - leaves having celery-like stems eaten raw or cooked
curly endive, chicory - crisp spiky leaves with somewhat bitter taste
chicory escarole, escarole, endive - variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges
cress - pungent leaves of any of numerous cruciferous herbs
salad burnet - leaves sometimes used for salad
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I've found only one SPINACH cultivar that grows in such cold conditions: 'Space.' This cultivar is relatively cheap, sweet when it's grown in the cold, a staple salad green, and a decent substitute for kale in recipes.
According to the study, foodservice operators are moving away from romaine lettuce and experimenting with a wider selection of salad green varieties.
Joan and Steve's choice of paint is elegant, cool and serene - and foliage plants in rich greens, copper and purple will look stunning against this garden salad green.
Pinky and Perky's story may yet end happily as experts are hoping they will join an established breeding group - which is enough to turn old- time tortoise Salad green with envy.
But today I am celebrating Brussels sprouts as a salad green. That's right -- raw and in a salad.
An elegant salad green, the fragile, buttery leaves are best dressed lightly and just before serving.
Basswood leaves only make a good salad green in spring and very early summer, when they are young and tender.
Nutrition Comparison of Salad Greens (Serving size is one cup.) Salad Green Calories Vitamin A Vitamin C (IU) (mg) Arugula (rocket, roquette) 5 480 3 Butterhead lettuce (Boston, Bibb) 7 534 4 Cabbage, red 19 28 40 Chicory 41 7,200 43 Endive 8 1,025 3 Fennel 27 117 10 Iceberg lettuce 7 182 2 Leaf lettuce 10 1,064 10 Romaine lettuce 8 1,456 13 Spinach 7 2,015 8 Watercress 4 1,598 15 Salad Green Potassium Calcium (mg) (mg) Arugula (rocket, roquette) 74 32 Butterhead lettuce (Boston, Bibb) 141 18 Cabbage, red 144 36 Chicory 756 180 Endive 157 26 Fennel 360 43 Iceberg lettuce 87 10 Leaf lettuce 148 38 Romaine lettuce 162 20 Spinach 167 30 * Watercress 112 41 mg = milligrams; IU = International Units * Much of the calcium is not available to the body to use.
Purslane was brought to the US by immigrants for its value as a salad green. The succulent leaves have a lemony flavor.
Violets and pansies: mild, like a leafy salad green
Each recipe suggests a specific salad green or mix, but if that one is not available, substitute another that is similar.
It's apparently sold as a salad green, but have you ever seen it?