sales slip

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sales′ slip`

a receipt issued by a store or other vendor showing the amount paid.
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Merlot tumbled 5%--the only major varietal to see sales slip in the latest 52 weeks.
McCOLL'S SALES SLIP Convenience store operator McColl's said like-for-like sales slipped 1.
Tesco said it was also suffering from continuing woes in its general merchandise division, with the sales slip marking a reversal in recent improvements following a 0.
But the chain has never made a profit, losing PS74m in the first half of this year, while it saw sales slip below 2% in another disappointing performance in the third quarter.
The most striking aspect of the project is that the approved sales slip by the Ministry can be extended over the device so hand-made invoices are replaced with the printouts from the integrated printer.
com product line, including thermal paper rolls, credit card supplies, ATM paper, sales slip imprinters or printer ribbons, from their hand-held devices.
ADP News) - Sep 17, 2009 - Czech carmaker Skoda Auto, a unit of German Volkswagen (VW, ETR:VOW) saw its global sales slip 7% in annual terms to 435,600 vehicles in January-August, Financni Noviny reports, citing CEO Reinhard Jung.
Since no merchant in Bahrain ever compares the sales slip signatures with the signatures on the card, it will be a
He said: "Usually our sales slip in the summer as women stop wearing tights and start going bare legged.
FRODSHAM-based Surface Transforms, which makes brakes for aircraft and high-performance cars, saw interim sales slip from pounds 208,422 to pounds 68,302 to November 30.
Anyhow, there's no law against having a wrong number on a sales slip, is there?
But on closer inspection, the signature on the sales slip purported to be that of `President George W Bush'.