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Noun1.sales staff - those in a business who are responsible for salessales staff - those in a business who are responsible for sales
staff - personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task; "the hospital has an excellent nursing staff"; "the general relied on his staff to make routine decisions"
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appointed Michael Pridavka to vice president, North American sales...Bob Malley, president of Kewill E Commerce, Inc., was appointed to the board of directors as an executive director of Kewill Systems plc...Brad Martell was appointed director of e-business for Brady Corp.'s Identification Solutions and Specialty Tapes Group...Shuttleworth announced four appointments: Peter Maloni to packaging industry specialist on the North American sales staff; Fu Wong to clean-room expert of the North American sales staff; Brent Howard to cleanroom expert for the North American research and development staff; and John Shuttleworth to parts and service manager for the Huntington, Ind.
This requires a knowledgeable sales staff. Some stores are putting heavy emphasis on educating their employees.
The Disney Kids Network will assemble a new sales staff separate from ABC, Disney/ABC Cable Networks and Buena Vista Television but will coordinate efforts with those divisions.
1 spot in retail sales staff retention, long a frustrating subject for automakers.
Diversity in marketing could result in reduction in the number of sales staff, which would enable the insurer to reduce premium rates, the sources said.
With its resources, brand name, vast product line, and experienced sales staff, Riddell proved that it could absorb the risks associated with expansion.
Train sales staff to present all the parameters for modifying the home - including options, custom requests, and change-order procedures - in one concise meeting with the potential buyer.
It is the responsibility of the sales staff to make every effort to accommodate advertisers who would like to get into the book a week after the closing date or who do not have time to prepare the necessary mechanicals.
Nosek's comment that she has often heard sales staff refer to their consumers as clients.
Today's Office also reported the largest outside sales staff in the state.