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Noun1.sales staff - those in a business who are responsible for salessales staff - those in a business who are responsible for sales
staff - personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task; "the hospital has an excellent nursing staff"; "the general relied on his staff to make routine decisions"
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Full infrastructure, distribution warehouse, sales staff keep profits strong year over year.
LAHORE -- Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited recently organized a Dealers Sales Staff Award ceremony to acknowledge the efforts of target achievers in sales at Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurbhan.
In addition to creating a local point of contact, the new sales staff helps rental centers find the right equipment to maximize fleet utilization and acts as a resource for customers by helping to arrange comprehensive financing, and providing maintenance tips and product training.
The sales staff complement a network of local service centers strategically located in key customer areas, such as Seattle; Corpus Christi, Texas; Atlanta; Cleveland; Raleigh, North Carolina; Santa Ana, California; and Houston (with two facilities).
The firm said that it was looking to increase the number of direct sales staff to increase sale of mortgage products.
Insurance contributions Sales staff enter customers' current motoring outgoings into the Arnold Clark Savings Challenge calculator to see how they can save money - simple
It doesn't hurt or cost anything to be polite or charming but many sales staff, especially in so-called up-market stores, are not: as if the purchaser is wasting their precious time.
She told me that she went to the Tod's store and liked a pair of shoes and asked the sales staff to take it off the racks so that she could try them on.
SATURN Energy, the Liverpool-based advisor on business energy bills, has recruited six new sales staff.
In preparation of its upcoming entertainment and gaming system, Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division Middle East organized a training session to educate and inform their retailer partners' sales staff about the new launch.
Fed-up consumers who say no to receiving cold calls have won assurances from energy firms that they will no longer be pestered by sales staff.
Benfield will even pay travel expenses to the secret shoppers to travel to other showrooms throughout the region so that eagle-eyed sales staff don't recognise them.