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One who is employed to sell goods in a store.


(Commerce) US and Canadian a shop assistant. Sometimes shortened to: clerk



a person who sells goods in a store.
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Noun1.salesclerk - a salesperson in a storesalesclerk - a salesperson in a store    
sales rep, sales representative, salesperson - a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)
shop boy - a young male shop assistant
shop girl - a young female shop assistant


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But the 21-year-old former supermarket salesclerk who spent over a week in jail for stealing a can of corned beef worth P31.
on weekdays, and work for 12 hours a day on weekends," said Chanel's union head Kim So-yeon, who is working as a Chanel salesclerk at Hyundai Department Store's Apgujeong branch in Seoul.
Unfortunately, I do not speak Portuguese so there was a communication barrier between the salesclerk and me.
In Montreal, looking for a doll for his lover's young daughter, Slaney drops into a department store, where he has a provocative exchange over the doll's capabilities with a sexy francophone salesclerk, who informs him that the repertoire of "Saucy Suzy" includes not only phrases such as "Change my dress" and "Let's bake cookies," but also "Tell me a story" and "Let's do acid and fuck like bunnies" (108).
Her father, George, took a job as a traveling salesman, and her mom, Ruth, worked as a salesclerk.
However, ask a salesclerk whether you can special-order a custom color.
When the salesclerk presented one model, his reaction was enthusiastic: "Nice Gurk if you can wet it
The word, the understanding of which we owe to the Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, represents an "I-Thou" relationship as opposed to an instrumental "I-It" relationship, such as one might have with a store salesclerk, which is an "instrumental" rather than personal or soul-to-soul relationship.
In "Heine," Kraus defends the German language itself against Heinrich Heine, a once popular, now forgotten poet, journalist, and Francophile who "so loosened the corset of the German language so that every salesclerk can finger her breast.
The man, Christopher Trutino, a 25-year-old salesclerk, had told a local paper, La Depeche du Midi, that after he wrote a letter to the pope explaining his struggles to reconcile his sexuality and faith, Francis phoned him to counsel him.
Beejay Colehiyo, a salesclerk at Ibn Battuta Mall who lives in the community, said additional drainage systems should be constructed in the area to prevent flooding.
A luxury handbag salesclerk allegedly told Oprah that a $42,000 bag was "too expensive" for her.