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A saleswoman.


(ˈseɪlzˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
a woman who sells goods, services, etc.
usage: See -woman.
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Noun1.saleslady - a woman salespersonsaleslady - a woman salesperson      
midinette - a Parisian salesgirl
sales rep, sales representative, salesperson - a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)
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A helpful saleslady notices their dilemma and shows them a basket of darling kittens to choose from.
And as for the slick salesman or saleslady with the well-thumbed black book of part exchange prices?
After a productive email correspondence with the company's savvy and helpful English speaking saleslady, I began a sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding adventure in global commerce.
Flag down a saleslady to nab your size and merrily skip to the cash register.
Edorne, a saleslady of a Dubai-based dress shop, considers it as the "old Jalabiya".
Goldfarb practically admits that she will be in no position to take care of the children as she is employed as a saleslady.
When I bought a gift token from a Swansea shop in December the saleslady told me it had to be redeemed within three months.
Gulf News spotted Janice, a Filipino saleslady who patiently waited for shoppers at one of the mall's kiosks at 3am.
Blazevska wonders where parents are at these protests and why they only show their courage when fighting with a saleslady.
Her last ten years were spent as a saleslady in the ladies departments of, first, Stewart's Department Store and then, The Mart, both in North Grafton.
Perfume saleslady Melody Parris decides to make a Christmas list.
Beth, a saleslady, was surprised when the X23 bus she used to take from Al Nahda 2 (Ghusais) to the Gold Souq did not turn up recently.