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A saleswoman.


(ˈseɪlzˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
a woman who sells goods, services, etc.
usage: See -woman.
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Noun1.saleslady - a woman salespersonsaleslady - a woman salesperson      
midinette - a Parisian salesgirl
sales rep, sales representative, salesperson - a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)
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I say this not just because I've had an arrogant American cut the queue in front of me at Mercury Drug and proceed to berate the saleslady for slow service-she giggled and simpered, of course-but because I think we talk too little about race.
I worked as a promo lady for several products, a saleslady, a merchandiser.
His mother Mishela, 37, a saleslady, gave birth to him via Caesarian section.
For those who cannot use technological gadgets to secure their home, a good lock is key, says Ms Veronica Mugo, a saleslady at Mathaga Hardware, which deals in padlocks and locks, among other things.
Although the President did not mention ENDO in his SONA, Im still hopeful that it will be solved under the Duterte administration, saleslady Weng Ando of Naga City said.
Familiar 2 never married or lived Status with someone 6 married or had an union 3 divorced 1 widow Professional housewives, housemaids, Status retired, unemployed, saleslady or administrative assistant Educational 7 went to the school for 8 years, Level 3 went to the school for 4 years 3 went to the school between 8 and 12 years and Religion 5 Catholics 4 Protestants 1 Umbanda/ Afro-Brazilian Religion Chart 1.
She first started as a saleslady for a local camera supply company before taking up photography as a career.
Respondent 14, a saleslady, stated that she often relied on her smartphone to answer the queries of her customers and provide them with a quotation for her decorations.
Lou had shot a saleslady at the Bikini Hut at Boutique Village Mall in 1998.
A helpful saleslady notices their dilemma and shows them a basket of darling kittens to choose from.
And as for the slick salesman or saleslady with the well-thumbed black book of part exchange prices?
After a productive email correspondence with the company's savvy and helpful English speaking saleslady, I began a sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding adventure in global commerce.