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(ˈseɪlzˌpi pəl)
people engaged in selling.
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Sales organizations find ways to make their salespeople more successful, but they end up creating sales instruments rather than people who contribute to organizational success.
and John Cranley were the salespeople in this transaction.
We know that the majority of sales managers at agribusinesses are promoted from the ranks of successful salespeople.
And one of those actions is to position salespeople as consultants.
According to a report from eMarketer, only 63 percent of salespeople actually make their quota.
We heard from many salespeople how difficult it is to find time to update CRM data.
Tactile said it has announced new mobile technology that empowers salespeople to achieve higher levels of productivity while on the road, using the unique power of mobile devices.
Not just e-commerce, mind you; everything from grocery shopping to selecting options on a new car can and often should be under the buyer's control, with little interference from salespeople.
THEIR BUSINESS MODEL has a disproportionate amount of dependence on their sales people (Not only do they depend on the salespeople to generate revenue; they depend on them to maintain the revenue).
Companies polled in a new survey reveal that, on average, only 60 percent of their salespeople achieved 100 percent of quota last year.
For example, in Japanese industrial companies, a salespeople visits a customer with an engineer, whose role is to offer technical support to the customer.