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 (sā′lē-əns, sāl′yəns) also sa·li·en·cy (sā′lē-ən-sē, sāl′yən-)
n. pl. sa·li·en·ces also sa·li·en·cies
1. The quality or condition of being salient.
2. A pronounced feature or part; a highlight.


(ˈseɪ li əns, ˈseɪl yəns)

1. the quality of being salient.
2. a salient or projecting feature.
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Noun1.salience - the state of being salient
prominence - the state of being prominent: widely known or eminent
conspicuousness - the state of being conspicuous
visibility, profile - degree of exposure to public notice; "that candidate does not have sufficient visibility to win an election"
References in classic literature ?
No portrait by a great modern master could have presented him with more intensity, thrust him out of his frame with more art, as if there had been "treatment," of the consummate sort, in his every shade and salience.
His keen eye still played with facility in its deep-sunk orbit; and fat, which levels all the characteristic saliences of the human face, had not yet touched either his high cheek-bones, the sign of cunning and cupidity, or his pointed chin, the sign of acuteness and perseverance.
The findings of the present study demonstrate that willingness to respond to online surveys and the quality of those responses are not impacted by topic salience among sport consumers.
Salience refers to the overall accessibility of a brand in the minds of the public (Franzen & Moriarty, 2009).
The present study aimed to examine the role of parental expectations and career salience in career decision making.
Kristof Duwaerts, Resident Representative of HSF urged on the role and salience of civic education in building post- World War II Germany.
Diab promised to meet the invitation, and underlined the salience of China's role in the field of tech industries and informatics.
The topics include integrating schematic systems, attention in cognition and in language, force interaction in language, cross-venue comparisons of force-dynamically specified morphemes, and an integrative perspective on salience alternatives in complex force-dynamic patterns.
The researchers from National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan said that they provide the first experimental evidence showing that brightness appears to heighten the salience of morality to the individual, thereby leading people to perform ethical deeds, the Independent reported.
We are interested in exploring the relative effectiveness of relational salience and surface salience analogical reasoning on student learning.
The data established that creative people tend to rely on three main subsections of the brain for ideas - the default mode network, the salience network and the executive control network - although different regions of the brain were also utilised.
Among the topics are the phonology of Sicilian Arabic and early Maltese, modifiers and complements within the Maltese verb sequence, verbal negation with mus in Maltese and Eastern Mediterranean Arabics, the phonetic study of speakers along the Maltese-English continuum, and the visibility and salience of Maltese in bilingual Malta's linguistic landscape.