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 (sā′lē-əns, sāl′yəns) also sa·li·en·cy (sā′lē-ən-sē, sāl′yən-)
n. pl. sa·li·en·ces also sa·li·en·cies
1. The quality or condition of being salient.
2. A pronounced feature or part; a highlight.
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(ˈseɪ li əns, ˈseɪl yəns)

1. the quality of being salient.
2. a salient or projecting feature.
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Noun1.saliency - the state of being salient
prominence - the state of being prominent: widely known or eminent
conspicuousness - the state of being conspicuous
visibility, profile - degree of exposure to public notice; "that candidate does not have sufficient visibility to win an election"
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It is believed that the saliency is affected by top-down knowledge and bottom-up stimulus-driven processes [1].
[11] proposed image processing strategies based on improved Itti saliency detection model, respectively.
First, two pretrained CNNs are used as feature extractor to learn deep features from the original aerial image and the processed aerial image through saliency detection, respectively.
Visual Saliency. In the method proposed by Le Kang, the average value of all local quality scores for the test image is taken as the quality value for the entire image.
It lists the values of the world's largest corporations by considering brand saliency, taking into account how brands resonate with buyers, and whether they offer the benefit of different and trendsetting products and features.
Motion saliency check is applied to the decomposed frames based on the clustering of the Gaussian Mixture Model.
Resilience, as a third soft skill stresses the saliency of pupil perseverance in spite of frustrations.
Zhang offers endless prompts on which to hang the narrative of her father's life, and as the line between truth and fiction is steadily and deliberately blurred, it becomes clear that all memory is narrative, a construct that's replayed again and again until it gains saliency and longevity in the mind.
In the field of image processing and computer vision, a number of methods for saliency detection in visible images have been proposed [1-5].
Moreover, the feature extraction and further implementation stages are conducted with the assistance of visual saliency information.
Reward programmes have been around for several decades; whether it is an airline offering a frequent flyer programme, a bank enabling rewards linked to card spends, or retailers creating a customer 'club' backed by discounts, points or vouchers, the history of business is replete with examples that prove that such investments in reward programs can, and do, foster customer stickiness eventually leading to loyalty and greater brand saliency.