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 (sā′lē-ənt, sāl′yənt)
1. Noteworthy; important: the salient points of the argument.
2. Prominent; conspicuous. See Synonyms at noticeable.
3. Projecting or jutting beyond a line or surface; protruding: the salient angles of the polygon.
4. Springing; jumping: salient tree toads.
1. A military position that projects into the position of the enemy.
2. A projecting angle or part.

[Latin saliēns, salient-, present participle of salīre, to leap; see sel- in Indo-European roots.]

sa′li·ent·ly adv.
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Individuals might make payments in relation to [these] saliently displayed balances (instead of less saliently displayed interest rates).
The bylines appearing saliently on the early pages of, for instance, last week's Sunday Nation included "By Justus Wanga" and "By Oscar Obonyo".
For example, Chapter 3 "Tutoring Practices," saliently identifies "foundational advice for writing tutors" (49), where Fitzgerald and lanetta indicate a tutor's need to be specific, flexible, ethical, and professional.
In favor asking, if indebtedness or imposition is perceived more saliently by the speaker, apologies will be included, but if the speaker perceives that a subsequent benefit to himself or herself is related more closely to the situation, thanks will be preferred.
And, more saliently, can the United States be trusted?
In fact, the term's eighteenth-century botanical origins (in English) with reference to "the condition of having an abnormal number or kind of floral organs" (OED) suggests a condition not only of unsustainable growth but proliferation as a state that is saliently aberrant: thus "the appearance of a bud or of a flower upon a part of the plant which has not been accustomed to bear such" (OED).
92 in G Major, "Oxford," and the Piano Trio in G Major, "Gypsy," for which she declares "the politics of difference reside saliently at the musical surface" (p.
93) Most saliently, our results suggest that a substantial portion of heterogeneity among examiners' application outcomes is not simply idiosyncratic to individual examiners, but instead is driven by cohort effects.
Perhaps more saliently for investors, Modi's failure to deliver on his promises so far are also being reflected in earnings, which have failed to match expectations.
Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle's all-black Shuffle Along, initially considered a long shot, sequestered in a theatre blocks uptown from the theatre district, took New York City by storm, crackling through items like "Baltimore Buzz," "Bandana Days," and "I'm Just Wild About Harry" (a song today hardly considered hot stuff but saliently syncopated for 1921).
But it will hardly be sufficient to cover up the rift that has been saliently exposed within the AKP.
Saliently, in the economy of Atwood's dystopian fable, the humanized pigoons become examples of "interspecies cooperation" (373).