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tr.v. sal·i·nat·ed, sal·i·nat·ing, sal·i·nates
To increase the concentration of salt in: agricultural fields whose soil had been salinated by overirrigation.

sal′i·na′tion n.
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These dynamics have already damaged the marshes' fragile ecosystem, with high levels of salination last year killing fish and forcing other wildlife to migrate.
Every 10 days, the substrate was washed vigorously with tap water to prevent its salination and on the same day a new growth solution, along with NaCl, was added to the substrate.
To our right, the line of mangroves (those essential plants that are the guardians of the land against infertility from salination) had completely disappeared under industrial spoil.
The gradual sea level rise, if superimposed by the storm over-wash of the islands, may further accentuate the issue through salination or contamination of the freshwater lenses and cause a crisis for the local population and tourists.
Reduced water supply in downstream areas in Punjab and Sindh will lead to salination of potable water at even lower depths creating shortage of drinking water availability for Punjab and Sindh.
Obsolete agricultural practices are depleting the groundwater and accelerating the salination of otherwise fertile soil.
However, present measurements of the potable water used in the sculpture pool and display show no salination. Corrosion was considered as a risk at the start of the project, so Duplex 2205 was a good choice for the sculpture.
The report said: "In view of potential comparative advantage of value-added hydrocarbon-based industries in the country, the government has adopted an investment strategy that is based on promoting many petrochemical and energy-intensive industries (such as power generation and water salination).
The fields have become unusable for agriculture due to salination. The remaining village often gets flooded at high tide.
International Symposium on Techniques to Control Salination for Horticultural Productivity 573, Antalya, Turkey.
Addressing the problems of water scarcity and soil salination through early twentieth-century technological optimism and possibilism eventually led to a timely bettering of circumstances.
Soil salination from landfill leachates: Effects on the macronutrient content and plant growth of four grassland species.