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n. pl. sal·mis
A highly spiced dish consisting of roasted game birds minced and stewed in wine.

[French salmis, short for salmigondis, salmagundi; see salmagundi.]
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(ˈsælmɪ) or


n, pl -mis (-mɪ)
(Cookery) a ragout of game stewed in a rich brown sauce
[C18: from French, shortened form of salmigondis salmagundi]
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Noun1.salmi - ragout of game in a rich sauce
ragout - well-seasoned stew of meat and vegetables
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Besides the salmi, which was made of Lord Steyne's pheasants from his lordship's cottage of Stillbrook, Becky gave her brother-in-law a bottle of white wine, some that Rawdon had brought with him from France, and had picked up for nothing, the little story-teller said; whereas the liquor was, in truth, some White Hermitage from the Marquis of Steyne's famous cellars, which brought fire into the Baronet's pallid cheeks and a glow into his feeble frame.
"Isn't it a good salmi?" she said; "I made it for you.
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[beaucoup moins que] La mise en exploitation des divers atouts touristiques que recele la wilaya de Bouira constitue, sans nul doute, un axe strategique dans l'edification d'une economie diversifiee, conformement a la nouvelle politique du gouvernement [beaucoup plus grand que], estime Ammar Salmi, directeur local du tourisme et de l'artisanat, dans une declaration a l'APS.
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they will hopefully list this year," Muscat Securities Market chairman Abdullah bin Salim Al Salmi said.
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The Decision No 34/2019 related to the policy has been issued by H E Abdullah bin Salim bin Abdullah al Salmi, Executive President of CMA.
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