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One who owns or operates a drinking saloon.
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The saloonkeeper stood in with all the big politics men in the district; and when you had once found out what it meant to get into trouble with such people, you would know enough to pay what you were told to pay and shut up.
Born in 1890 in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Rock was a son of an Irish saloonkeeper, and although he was big, strong, and athletic, he preferred playing with his sisters, and his brothers sometimes called him "sissy.
In 1912, former President Theodore Roosevelt, campaigning for the White House as the Progressive ("Bull Moose") candidate, went ahead with a speech in Milwaukee after being shot in the chest by New York saloonkeeper John Schrank, declaring, ''It takes more than one bullet to kill a bull moose.
He didn't want to be like his saloonkeeper father; Jim had a passion for words and colors that darted and dipped about the page or canvas.
The New York City saloonkeeper later revealed that he had shot Roosevelt because he dreamed he was writing a poem when he felt a tap on his shoulder and heard a voice say, "Let not a murderer take the presidential chair, avenge my death.
More than a century ago the legendary Chicago saloonkeeper, Mr.
My father was a saloonkeeper and kept a little cigar box in an out-of-the-way place.
And the last thing a saloonkeeper wants is a shoot--out.
The following case illustrates the method employed: A Pole was arrested for forgery, was supplied by a saloonkeeper with an attorney.
He has been a saloonkeeper -- he co-owned a couple of places in Downey called the Stardust and Lancer Lounge -- and etched a widespread reputation as a bartender with his charismatic personality in such Valley joints as the Red Chariot, Casting Office, Oyster House and El Chiquito.
The men got noisy and, according to some reports, used profane and vulgar language in the presence of the wife of saloonkeeper, C.
CASABLANCA Clever American Saloonkeeper And Beautiful Lady Attract Nazi Commandant's Attention