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They lose fertile soils for crops or grasslands for cattle when soil deteriorates because of saltation or land disappears due to desertification.
Once in the air, the grains would be caught by the wind and do a hopping dance across the surface, called saltation, kicking up more grains and building undulating dunes.
Fine particles are transported by saltation and suspension, a process that moves soil from one place and deposits it in another.
Pellets this size could only have been transported by wind as saltation features and so, like the parna described in Sleeman (1973), these pellets represent the constituents of 'dune parna' rather than the much more extensive sheet parna.
Additionally, the weight change would be better consecutive for different flight states and mission requirements, since inconsecutive weight change will cause the saltation of flight states.
When the hard roof is situated in the activation state, the dynamic stress is generated from the hard roof activation, which is verified by the great saltation of acoustic emission signals.
The results show that the nonlinear friction model can restrain the saltation at motion reversal, resulting in higher identification accuracy.
In other words, the damage concussion will cause the signal saltation. So, in practical engineering applications, it is very important to design a reasonable judgment rule of anomaly points.
Given the effect of wind, sand grains travel "in a sequence of repeated hops" - a process called saltation - in which they rise above the surface, then crash down to the ground and bounce up again, NASA said in ( another statement .