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 (săl′tə-tôr′ē, sôl′-)
1. Of, relating to, or adapted for leaping or dancing.
2. Proceeding by leaps rather than by smooth gradual transitions.
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(ˈsæl təˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i)

1. pertaining to or adapted for saltation.
2. proceeding by abrupt movements.
[1615–25; < Latin sal-tātōrius=saltā(re) to dance + -tōrius -tory1]
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Nature hates calculators; her methods are saltatory and impulsive.
Scientists studying feeding behaviors in fish have identified a third, intermediate type of foraging strategy called saltatory. In this type of feeding, fish behave in a stop-and-go manner, scanning for brief periods while motionless, and if prey isn't detected, they swim a distance and stop again to scan, and repeat.
The NMDS approach has been used to study community dynamics such as trajectory (i.e., directional or nondirectional), magnitude of change (i.e., gradual or saltatory), and stability (i.e., partial or complete return to initial or predisturbance condition, or alternative stable states; see Matthews et.
"Dancing-school near the Orange-Tree" (137.27-28): The newspapers do have "an incidental notice of the 'dancing-school near the Orange-Tree,' whence we may infer that the saltatory art was occasionally practised" (137.27-29; notice in NEJ 11 Dec, 4/2).
Myelin allows action potentials to propagate along an axon in a saltatory fashion with higher speed and less energy consumption.
(10, 11) Given the crucial role of myelin in saltatory conduction of action potential, it is plausible that this mechanism is responsible for the slowing of nerve conduction velocity seen in entrapment neuropathy due to thinner myelin and decreased internodal length.
Fast saltatory movements such as human running or jumping are characterized by alternating flight and contact phases, (Seyfarth et al., 2000).
The perfection with which he became the very incarnation of the character was all the more remarkable because the purely saltatory work in which he usually excelled was in this case definitely dominated by dramatic action, music and gesture." Entry written by Stravinsky for the book Stravinsky in the Theatre, ed.
Saltatory ontogeny and the life-history model: neglected processes and patterns of evolution.
[6] Myelinated axon can conduct up to 50 times faster than the fastest unmyelinated fiber owing to saltatory conduction.
Myelinated axons are organized into a series of distinct subdomains for rapid and efficient action potential propagation by saltatory conduction.
However, since Darwin did not find an intermediate fossil (in relation to the position of the moving eye), this situation led to attacks on natural selection and arguments for saltatory change.