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Any of several salt-tolerant plants of the genus Atriplex, having edible leaves and important as browse plants.


(Plants) any of various chenopodiaceous shrubs of the genus Atriplex that grow in alkaline desert regions



any of various plants or shrubs belonging to the genus Atriplex, of the goosefoot family, that have mostly alternate leaves and clusters of inconspicuous flowers, often growing in saline or alkaline soil.
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Noun1.saltbush - any of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soilsaltbush - any of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soil
Atriplex, genus Atriplex - orach; saltbush
Atriplex hymenelytra, desert holly - handsome low saltbush of arid southwestern United States and Mexico having blue-green prickly-edged leaves often used for Christmas decoration
Atriplex lentiformis, quail brush, quail bush, white thistle - spiny shrub with silvery-scurfy foliage of alkaline plains of southwestern United States and Mexico
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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These included Blackmore's full blood Wagyu, Tender Valley marble score 3+ 200-day grain fed black Angus, Acres grass-fed organic beef, Canadian corn fed beef, organic Saltbush lamb as well as looking into different cuts and specifications with established brands like Mulwarra.
Saltbush Social Enterprises has been appointed as the provider to deliver bail support services.
This study aimed to assess the extent to which the interaction between salinity and temperature affects germination success in three saltbush species that occur in south-eastern Australia.
At this particular moment in time Danzi recommends 16 Lark Hill Gruner Veltliner Canberra District ACT with yellowfin tuna, saltbush, and finger limes, and 13 Chalmers Sagrantino Appassimento Heathcote VIC with Tetsuya's chocolate cake.
We did not observe evidence of beavers cutting skunkbush sumac (Rhus trilobata) or fourwing saltbush (Atriplex canescens).
Des Hoban in front of native saltbush in this garden.
Most of the site is covered with sagebrush and saltbush, and the sandy soil is littered with rusty nails where barracks once stood.
A subterranean freshwater soak, for example, hidden among endless sand dunes and saltbush, can quite understandably be experienced as the work of the spirits.
We have since found it, for example, in the top of a saltbush near the Fujairah coast (Fig.
2013) found Sedge Warblers (Acrocephalus schoenobaerms) had higher fuel deposition rates in native dominated control areas as compared to areas invaded with nonnative saltbush (Baccharis hamlimifolia).