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Any of several salt-tolerant plants of the genus Atriplex, having edible leaves and important as browse plants.


(Plants) any of various chenopodiaceous shrubs of the genus Atriplex that grow in alkaline desert regions



any of various plants or shrubs belonging to the genus Atriplex, of the goosefoot family, that have mostly alternate leaves and clusters of inconspicuous flowers, often growing in saline or alkaline soil.
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Noun1.saltbush - any of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soilsaltbush - any of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soil
Atriplex, genus Atriplex - orach; saltbush
Atriplex hymenelytra, desert holly - handsome low saltbush of arid southwestern United States and Mexico having blue-green prickly-edged leaves often used for Christmas decoration
Atriplex lentiformis, quail brush, quail bush, white thistle - spiny shrub with silvery-scurfy foliage of alkaline plains of southwestern United States and Mexico
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Charley JL, McGarity JW (1964) High soil nitrate-levels in patterned saltbush communities.
Most observations in Arizona occurred in habitats with herbaceous or bare ground understories, and the animals were infrequent in areas dominated by creosote, triangle-leaf bursage (Ambrosia deltoidea), saltbush (Atriplex polycarpa), or other shrubs (Table 2).
Live weight change and wool growth in young sheep grazing a mixed saltbush and balansa clover pasture.
They eat primarily thorny plants, dry grasses, saltbush and most anything that grows in the desert [31].
There, he's serving up Australian ingredients such as wallaby and saltbush, both with a sustainability backstory, and fruit, veg and dairy from his 80 acre farm -- and in his bar, ice for drinks is carved and shaped by hand, harking back to the gold rush days of 1850s Melbourne, when ice was shipped in from America, with 40 per cent of it melting before it arrived.
Performances will include puppetry by Dadi Pudumjee's Ishara Puppet Theatre and other artistes, an abridged version of A Midsummer's Night Dream , and a multimedia Australian performance called Saltbush .
The Company wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by BW Equities in Melbourne as the lead manager, and Saltbush Capital in Sydney for effectively bringing about these transactions.
In one study different concentrations of chlorophyll were measured in the leaves of male and female individuals of fourwing saltbush (Tiedemann et al.
Dinner is a far cry from beans in a can, featuring a pear and rocket salad, saltbush lamb with silver beet and feta relish, Barossa free-range chicken breast with crispy pancetta, and sticky date pudding with wattle-seed cream and caramel sauce.
The team concluded that the giant kangaroos fed mainly on saltbush shrubs.