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A saltworks.

[Old English sealtærn : sealt, salt; see salt + ærn, house.]


1. (Chemistry) another word for saltworks
2. (Physical Geography) a place where salt is obtained from pools of evaporated sea water
[Old English saltærn, from salt + ærn house. Compare barn1, ransack]


(ˈsɔl tərn)

1. a saltworks.
2. a plot of land laid out in pools for the evaporation of seawater to produce salt.
[before 900; Old English sealtærn saltworks =sealt salt1 + ærn building]
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From the vine-yard and the vine-press, from the bouvary or ox-farm, from the marl-pits and salterns, even from the distant iron-works of Sowley and the outlying grange of St.
Characterization of fungi from hypersaline environments of solar salterns using morphological and molecular techniques.
The genus Eurotium--Members of indigenous fungal community in hypersaline waters of salterns.
Halophilic black yeast Hortaea werneckii in the Cabo Rojo solar salterns :its first record for this extreme environment in Puerto Rico.
Butts's sense of regional belonging is closely bound up with a sensibility that she associates, from a young age, with the William Blake watercolors housed in her family home, Salterns (Butts's great-grandfather, Captain Thomas Butts, was Blake's patron and friend).
Located at headquarters in Essex Marina and with a new office based in Salterns Marina in Poole, Princess East Coast will be selling a highly developed range of world class yachts, including the Flybridge, Motor Yacht and the V, S and M class ranges.
Chairman of Saltern told Asian Tribune that those workers who earlier worked in the Kallundai, Semmani and Elephant Pass salterns may contact Mantai Saltern so that the management might take appropriate steps to reemploy them.
The technique of evaporating seawater in salterns to make salt was not used in Guangdong before the Ming era.
These groups of microbes have been isolated from diverse environments like salterns
The halophilic bacterium-OKH was isolated from sediments collected from salt salterns around Mithapur.