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or salt grass  (sôlt′grăs′)
Any of various grasses that grow in salt marshes and alkaline areas, especially Distichlis spicata, native to the Americas.
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Three fire crews were after a blaze started in the bar area of The Saltgrass in Deptford, Sunderland, at 1.
A Saltgrass Steakhouse project is in motion after a $1.
Receiving mixed-beverage licenses: Saltgrass Steakhouse, 2747 W.
Fertitta's Landry's company currently possesses Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Landry's Sea Food and Saltgrass Steak House.
Because of the difficulty in differentiating between Sporobolus virginicus and Distichlis spicata in the form of regrowth, these species were both treated as saltgrass.
As the Las Vegas community grew, increasing discharge transformed the Wash from a floodplain dominated by sparse desert shrubs and small patches of mesquite trees (Prosopis), willows (Salix), and saltgrass (Distichlis spicata) to several areas of thick marshlands with robust riparian communities (Buckingham and Whitney, 2007).
While exploring, students learn to identify plants, notice textures and even discover new tastes--like saltgrass.
Earlier to his tenure with LongHorn Steakhouse, Burrowes served as regional director of Operations for Corner Bakery Cafe and VP of Operations for Saltgrass Steak House.
Core locations were not selected based on specific vegetation communities, but at the time of collection vegetation was generally similar to other southern California salt marshes, and included: pickleweed (Salicornia pacified), alkali seaheath (Frankenia salind), turtleweed (Batis maritima), and saltgrass (Distichlis spicata).
Nematoda: Tylenchina), from saltgrass in Death valley, California.
As well as the Hotspur, The Forth on Pink Lane, the Trent House on Leazes Lane, the Gosforth Hotel in Gosforth, the Stags Head in South Shields, the Magnesia Bank in North Shields, the Grey Horse in East Boldon, the Blue Bell in Fulwell, the Saltgrass in Sunderland and Hugos at the Coast in Tynemouth all make their way into this year's Guide.