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 (sôl′tîr′, -tīr′, săl′-)
n. Heraldry
An ordinary in the shape of a Saint Andrew's cross, formed by the crossing of a bend and a bend sinister.

[Middle English sautour, from Old French saultoir, stile, from saulter, to jump, from Latin saltāre; see saltation.]


(ˈsɔːlˌtaɪə) or less commonly


(Heraldry) heraldry an ordinary consisting of a diagonal cross on a shield
[C14 sawturoure, from Old French sauteour cross-shaped barricade, from saulter to jump, from Latin saltāre]


(ˈsæl tɪr, -taɪər, ˈsɔl-)

a heraldic charge formed by the crossing of a bend and a bend sinister.
[1350–1400; < Middle French sautoir crossed jumping bar < Medieval Latin saltātōrium]
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Noun1.saltire - a cross resembling the letter x, with diagonal bars of equal lengthsaltire - a cross resembling the letter x, with diagonal bars of equal length
Cross - a representation of the structure on which Jesus was crucified; used as an emblem of Christianity or in heraldry
References in classic literature ?
James Wilder, his secretary, with intimation that young Lord Saltire, ten years old, his only son and heir, was about to be committed to my charge.
These boys saw and heard nothing, so that it is certain that young Saltire did not pass out that way.
It was then that we ascertained that Lord Saltire had not been alone in his flight.
When James determined to kidnap Lord Saltire, it was of this man's service that he availed himself.
It is the Duke's desire that the carriage shall go at once to the Fighting Cock Inn to bring Lord Saltire home.
Even envious Miss Briggs never spoke ill of her; high and mighty Miss Saltire (Lord Dexter's granddaughter) allowed that her figure was genteel; and as for Miss Swartz, the rich woolly-haired mulatto from St.
She had to make and receive at least fourteen presents--to make fourteen solemn promises of writing every week: "Send my letters under cover to my grandpapa, the Earl of Dexter," said Miss Saltire (who, by the way, was rather shabby).
On the scutcheon we'll have a bend OR in the dexter base, a saltire MURREY in the fess, with a dog, couchant, for common charge, and under his foot a chain embattled, for slavery, with a chevron VERT in a chief engrailed, and three invected lines on a field AZURE, with the nombril points rampant on a dancette indented; crest, a runaway nigger, SABLE, with his bundle over his shoulder on a bar sinister; and a couple of gules for supporters, which is you and me; motto, MAGGIORE FRETTA, MINORE OTTO.
The roof was poor and thatched; but in strange contrast to it there ran all along under the eaves a line of wooden shields, most gorgeously painted with chevron, bend, and saltire, and every heraldic device.
His cards were printed "le Chevalier de la Billardiere" and on the wall of his office hung, in a frame, his coat of arms (sable, two swords in saltire, on a chief azure three mullets argent; with the motto; "Toujours fidele").
He said: "It was just when the police had shut Queen Street station and a group of about three of four teenagers came up with Saltires and decided they weren't going to move.
The Scottish Saltires dealt a major blow to Derbyshire's C&G Trophy hopes when they cruised to an eight-wicket victory at Derby.