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n. pl. sa·lu·kis
A dog of a tall slender breed developed in the Middle East for hunting fast prey, having long ears and a smooth silky coat.

[Arabic salūqī, of Saluq, an ancient city of southern Arabia.]


(Breeds) a tall breed of hound with a smooth coat and long fringes on the ears and tail. Also called: gazehound, gazelle hound, Persian greyhound or sloughi
[C19: from Arabic salūqīy of Saluq, name of an ancient Arabian city]


(səˈlu ki)

n., pl. -kis.
one of a breed of tall, slender, swift hounds raised orig. in Egypt and SW Asia, having a long, narrow head, drooping ears, and a short, silky coat with longer fringes on the ears, legs, and tail.
[1800–10; < Arabic salūqī literally, of Salūq city in Arabia]
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Noun1.saluki - old breed of tall swift keen-eyed hunting dogs resembling greyhoundsSaluki - old breed of tall swift keen-eyed hunting dogs resembling greyhounds; from Egypt and southwestern Asia
hound, hound dog - any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears
perro real de EgiptoSaluki
lévrier persan
perzsa agár
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Southern was undone by its miscues- the Salukis committed 30 total errors, including seven service errors and nine receiving errors.
Summary: Salukis chase artificial gazelles to test their stamina, speed and hunting capabilities.
His Highness then presented awards to the owners of the following wining Salukis:
In "The Salukis in My Life," described as "part-memoir, part-travelogue," we are left with enchanting memories of traditional hunting expeditions with Salukis, but we cannot fail to notice how relevant the old Bedouin traditions are to contemporary life.
However, to many ancient Bedouins, the Salukis were not just their hunting mates, rather the man and the beast would share a genuine companionship that went far beyond finding food.
"I have always had dogs and since moving to the region more than 30 years ago, have always had salukis.
When the gazelle is caught by one of the salukis, trainers spring from their cars to wrench the creature free and cut its throat so it does not suffer further.
On Friday, the exciting Haddad Al Saluki Championship continued, as Arabian salukis chased a mechanical gazelle for a distance of 2 kilometres as spectators followed the race in their 4x4 vehicles.
Salukis dumped in the UAE are finding their way into plush homes in the West as animal lovers and volunteers rescue them and get them adopted.
The Arabian Salukis that was qualified during the falconry festival which was concluded in Al Ain on the 17th of December and resulted in qualifying 40 Salukis that will run the final challenge today in the camel racetrack that will be launched today in Madinat Zayed.
They should also be similar to Salukis native to the Gulf and have a good temperament.
The Salukis, into the semifinals for the first time since winning the national title in 1983, will play Delaware on Friday.