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The plane was located last week by a contracted salvage vessel that deployed a pinger locator that picked up the aircraft's emergency signal.
Following allegations of another oil spillage from the former Sea Empress vessel, a team led by the CPA Deputy Conservator Captain Najmul Alam on CPA salvage vessel Kandari-10 visited the spot.
The missiles reached the targeted salvage vessel, anchored 51 miles from the coast.
A salvage vessel fitted with a crane raised the sunken ferry from the water, allowing the divers from the navy and fire department to search inside the small two-deck boat, inspector Abdul Muktadir told Agence France Presse.
Ship's master arrested An official said a salvage vessel was on its way to raise the sunken ferry, adding that the master of the cargo ship and two other crew had been arrested.
You could have a very, very small machinery damage that could escalate into a serious incident because the nearest salvage vessel or tug will be a week away," Hammer said.
Officials on Thursday said China's request to allow warships, including two frigates and a salvage vessel, to enter the Indian territorial waters has been "politely turned down" since Indian warships and aircrafts are already searching the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea around the 572-island cluster, the (http://www.
According to the report, the colossal salvage vessel is capable of picking up oil rigs.
Involved in the salvaging operations were USS Safeguard, USNS Wally Shirra, Jascon 25, Smit Borneo, Seabridge Barge, Tug Archon Tide, Tug Intrepid, Malayan Towage salvage vessel Trabajador-1, and USNS Washington Chamberlain.
A Royal Navy ship, HMS Cattistock, has been identifying items on the seabed using high-tech imagery equipment and the Ministry of Defence has contracted a civilian salvage vessel to recover the wreckage.
The wreckage has been located and the Ministry of Defence will be contracting a civilian salvage vessel to recover the jets.