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a. The rescue of a ship or its cargo from fire or shipwreck.
b. The ship or cargo saved in such a rescue.
c. Award given to those who aid in such a rescue when under no obligation to do so, especially in the form of a portion of the cargo.
d. The recovery of a sunken ship or its cargo by divers or submersibles.
a. The act of saving imperiled property from loss.
b. The property so saved.
3. Something saved from destruction or waste and put to further use.
tr.v. sal·vaged, sal·vag·ing, sal·vag·es
1. To save from loss or destruction.
2. To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use.

[Obsolete French, from Old French salvaige, right of salvage, from Late Latin salvāre, from Latin salvus, safe; see sol- in Indo-European roots.]

sal′vage·a·bil′i·ty n.
sal′vage·a·ble adj.
sal′vag·er n.
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Adj.1.salvageable - capable of being saved from ruin; "their marriage was not salvageable"
saved - rescued; especially from the power and consequences of sin; "a saved soul"


[ˈsælvɪdʒəbəl] adj [object] → récupérable; [event] → qui peut être sauvé(e)salvage vessel nbateau m de sauvetage
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Tallinn, Jumada II 09, 1439, February 25, 2018, SPA -- The European Central Bank (ECB) on Saturday said that Latvia's third-largest bank, ABLV, is no longer salvageable, and would likely be unable to pay its obligations when they become due, according to dpa.
The question they face is whether the Labour Party will be salvageable as an effective force after that.
of cases with salvageable kidneys, but sacrificed due to secondary infection - 2 Table 11: Comparison between Pre-PCN, Post-PCN Salvageability and the Numbers Salvaged Pre-PCN Post-PCN Salvaged Not Salvaged Salvageability Salvageability (At least 2 Indices Favourable) Good 10 Good 5 3 2 (Pyonephrosis) Poor 5 Poor 14 Good 4 4 0 Poor 10
Or do they still exist somewhere, in a salvageable state to perhaps be put on public display?
Treatment of hydronephrosis is straightforward; when there is little or no salvageable renal function (<10%), a simple nephrectomy is indicated, as was the case for our patient.
These garages use spurious parts often obtained from vehicles that are written off, with any salvageable parts used wherever they can.
Some 15 percent or about 165 of 1,100 vessels in the unit are not salvageable, while the remaining 85 percent may be restructured, he said in an interview last month.
Up to 30mm is forecast to fall at the north-western track, which is heavy on all courses following more than 50mm of rain in the past nine days, and officials have already moved the day's chases to the end of the card to save at least some of the meeting in the event the Flat course is salvageable.
It's an expensive loss, but the house is salvageable," Chief Stevens said.
The project is expected to preserve the facade and all salvageable interior features of a historic 1885 site for commercial development.
The Company also uses a unique strategy of breaking each car into salvageable metal.